giovedì 21 luglio 2016

Citadel Orc War Wivern (1987)

Citadel Orc War Wivern.

I've just found this beauty in a drawer: a beautuful Orc War Wivern from Citadel catalogue, august 1987.
Really a beautiful model, probably one of best wivern ever, for me... But I'm not an Orc collector. And she misses the rider. So... Will be conversion time. What do I do? Well... I leave you a suggestion...


2 commenti:

Matthew Sullivan ha detto...

You are quite right - it's probably the best of (many) orc wyverns released by Citadel. I love the expression on the beast's face.
A conversion? Hmm. An undead wyvern perhaps?

Andrea Mangoni ha detto...

Hi Matt,
absolutely. Most of others wyverns was only 2 legged dragons... this IS a Wyvern.
No, not an undead wyvern, but a Coatl, a bird-winged snake from Lizardmen background.
But the idea of an undead wyvern is cool...