lunedì 29 agosto 2016

Citadel 5th Edition Kroxigor (conversion).

Citadel 5th edition Kroxigor

This model is an old citadel Kroxigor from 5th edition Lizardmen army. It's probably my favourite ever Kroxigor model. 

Citadel 5th edition Kroxigor
I've done a little conversion, adding a crest from an old chaos hound model, and an horn from a plastid dwarf warrior. 

Citadel 5th edition Kroxigor

This Kroxigor will be added to a skink unit, that I'll paint in future. Ciao!

lunedì 22 agosto 2016

1988 Citadel Mantis Warriors Space Marines with shuriken catapult.

1988 Citadel Space Marine.

I needed a break from my current involvement with the SouthLand Lizardmen Army project, so I decided to paint something different.

The model is a Space Marines from 1988 Citadel Catalogue armed with a shuriken catapult. I chose the chapter of the Warriors Mantis, using the color scheme present in older White Dwarf numbers.

1988 Citadel Space Marine.

It will be the first of a series of models of the Rogue Trader Era that I paint from time to time in the coming weeks.

See you soon!

sabato 20 agosto 2016

Citadel 5° Edition stegadon WIP.

Converted 5° edition Stegadon - WIP

After I start working on the new stegadon, I decided to resurrect my old 5th edition metal model.

Converted 5° edition stegadon - WIP

So I made some conversions to make it in line with the new plastic stegadon, using part of bits from the latter.

Converted 5° edition stegadon - WIP

The howda is the original one, while the crew is in part made from new plastic models, as well as the giant bow. 
I hope to soon dedicate to finish both of these monsters. Ciao!

martedì 16 agosto 2016

Citadel - 5° edition Lizardmen Salamander.

Lizardmen 5° edition salamander

Some days ago I had few hours available to paint, and I've chosen this miniatures, a 5° edition Lizardmen salamander,  for a complete restyling.
I've tried many times to paint her, but I was never satisfied by the results, 'cause I wasn't happy of the colour scheme.

Lizardmen 5° edition salamander.

This time I think that I've found what I was searching for: a colour scheme inspired by a real lizard genus, the Calotes, with many nuances of brown and a reddish head.
Soon I'll paint also her handlers.

Lizardmen 5° edition salamander

lunedì 8 agosto 2016

WIP Ancient Stegadon - The crew.

The crew - click to enlarge.

I've recentely received the beautiful stegadon kit, and I've choosed to utilize the main model to build an ancient stegadon, while some pieces will be utilized for a more interesting conversion.

The whole model converted, befor any painting job. Click to enlarge

I've just finished to paint the howda crew: 5 skinks, choosed from a wide range of models. 2 of them come from the stegadon kit, a plastic archer and a metal standard bearer from 5° edition are been converted and joined to the team.

5° edition skinks converted for the crew.

A 7° edition skink champion is now the leader of the group - also this model is a conversion, with an head swap.

The champion.

Now I will work on the stegadon himself, and on the howda. Hope to finish this beauty soon. ciao!

giovedì 21 luglio 2016

Citadel Orc War Wivern (1987)

Citadel Orc War Wivern.

I've just found this beauty in a drawer: a beautuful Orc War Wivern from Citadel catalogue, august 1987.
Really a beautiful model, probably one of best wivern ever, for me... But I'm not an Orc collector. And she misses the rider. So... Will be conversion time. What do I do? Well... I leave you a suggestion...


mercoledì 20 luglio 2016

More Lizardmen WIP - Skinks and jungle swarms (more oldhammer here).

Young forest dragon and other oddities in my jungle swarms! Click to enlarge.

I'm always working on my Lizardmen. 
More work on Skinks unit - I've add another rank, so now they're 18 models total. They're almost all new skink models, with some conversions and 2 models from 5° edition. 
All models has been based, they've all received first layers of colours on skin, the champion has a more complete painting scheme.  

First Skinks unit - Click to enlarge.

I've also started to work on Jungle swarms. I've utilized a whole range of model for my swarms - "classic" lizards, snakes and plastic spiders models but also very little and interesting citadel oddities like Citadel C29 Creepy Crawlies (Tick 2, Beetle 2), Citadel FF50 giant scorpion body (with a tail from a plastic miniature set) and Citadel DS5 young forest (this one, without wings, it's now a great giant lizard). 

Alternative models for my jungle swarms! Click to enlarge.

More work soon!