mercoledì 20 luglio 2016

More Lizardmen WIP - Skinks and jungle swarms (more oldhammer here).

Young forest dragon and other oddities in my jungle swarms! Click to enlarge.

I'm always working on my Lizardmen. 
More work on Skinks unit - I've add another rank, so now they're 18 models total. They're almost all new skink models, with some conversions and 2 models from 5° edition. 
All models has been based, they've all received first layers of colours on skin, the champion has a more complete painting scheme.  

First Skinks unit - Click to enlarge.

I've also started to work on Jungle swarms. I've utilized a whole range of model for my swarms - "classic" lizards, snakes and plastic spiders models but also very little and interesting citadel oddities like Citadel C29 Creepy Crawlies (Tick 2, Beetle 2), Citadel FF50 giant scorpion body (with a tail from a plastic miniature set) and Citadel DS5 young forest (this one, without wings, it's now a great giant lizard). 

Alternative models for my jungle swarms! Click to enlarge.

More work soon!

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