lunedì 8 agosto 2016

WIP Ancient Stegadon - The crew.

The crew - click to enlarge.

I've recentely received the beautiful stegadon kit, and I've choosed to utilize the main model to build an ancient stegadon, while some pieces will be utilized for a more interesting conversion.

The whole model converted, befor any painting job. Click to enlarge

I've just finished to paint the howda crew: 5 skinks, choosed from a wide range of models. 2 of them come from the stegadon kit, a plastic archer and a metal standard bearer from 5° edition are been converted and joined to the team.

5° edition skinks converted for the crew.

A 7° edition skink champion is now the leader of the group - also this model is a conversion, with an head swap.

The champion.

Now I will work on the stegadon himself, and on the howda. Hope to finish this beauty soon. ciao!

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