venerdì 8 luglio 2016

Lizardmen WIP

Lizardmen Skink and Kroxigor, WIP.

I'm actually working on a Lizardmen army. Lizardmen were my "first sight love" in the miniatures world, due to their strong background. 

SouthernLand Skinks unit, WIP.

So now I'm converting and painting a litle army of SouthernLand Lizardmen. The first unit that I'm developing is a little unit of Skinks with shield and hand weapon. They will be the bodyguard of my Skink Priest. The unit it's a mix of new and classic plastic Skinks, with many conversions and metal drummer and standard bearer from the old Citadel range. 

Skinks Command group, WIP.

With the Skinks I'm preparing also a Kroxigor, slightly converted but with the same colour scheme of the skinks: black and green. 

Kroxigor, WIP.

Soon I'll post many other miniatures of this project. Ciao!

Lizardmen WIP - Kroxigor and Skinks. 

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