sabato 18 giugno 2016

New arrivals!

Old miniatures, YES! Click on image to enlarge. 
I've just received 2 parcel with the last auctions that I won on eBay!

From left to right, you can see Citadel C22 Creatures Chaos Hound, Citadel C18 Undead Wraith, Citadel C21 Skeletal Fanatic, Citadel FF50 Giant Scorpion (without tail!), Grenadier Call of Cthulhu Deep One, Grenadier Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Huge Spider.

Some interesting miniatures, really, especially I was searching for the Chaos Hound, but I just love also the 2 undead miniatures. The (untailed) scorpion is also welcome, I think that I will use it in some diorama or on the base of one af my Lizardmen miniatures. The 2 Grenadier models... well, they were included in the auction. The Deep One looks very funny. I'll add these miniatures at my (scarce) collection of Grenadier models.


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