lunedì 22 agosto 2016

1988 Citadel Mantis Warriors Space Marines with shuriken catapult.

1988 Citadel Space Marine.

I needed a break from my current involvement with the SouthLand Lizardmen Army project, so I decided to paint something different.

The model is a Space Marines from 1988 Citadel Catalogue armed with a shuriken catapult. I chose the chapter of the Warriors Mantis, using the color scheme present in older White Dwarf numbers.

1988 Citadel Space Marine.

It will be the first of a series of models of the Rogue Trader Era that I paint from time to time in the coming weeks.

See you soon!

2 commenti:

Matthew Sullivan ha detto...

Beautiful work on one of the best sculptures from the early range of Marines. I also really like the Mantis colour scheme. Your shoulder insignia is most excellent. (Were the Mantis involved in the Badab War. My memory fails). Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Andrea Mangoni ha detto...

Hi Matthew, thanks a lot! I've many models of rogue trader era marines, and I think they will be all painted with Mantis Warriors insigna - well, may be I'll have a squad of Legion of the Damned, and 1 or 2 Lamenters.... :-D!
yes, Mantis Warriors was deep involved in Badab war and after this events they starts a century old crusade.